AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


Once again, it is about 2:30 AM on Sunday morning, and I am posting now... I had kind of a long day, and fatigue is starting to set in. I went to the Safewalk training today on the 10th floor of South Education. I wondered if I was going to make it there. I was soooo tired this morning it was difficult to get out of bed. But I did get there on time. It was interesting. We went over things like emergencies, basic protocol, disclosure by clients/partners. I was pretty darn tired, I think I missed a few details because I was drifting in and out of consciousness. Anyways, I definetely got the bulk of it. They fed us pizza for lunch, and I had a ton. All in all, good times. I signed up for my first walk on Friday at le Facult√© St Jean. I figured it was a good way to practice my French (if I see anyone). We got back and I hung out for a while here. We went to Yanni's for the floor formal. Which was fun, but... We wound up waiting 45 minutes for enough cabs to take us all there, and I had had so much pizza, I wasn't really that hungry, whatever. Anyway, I ordered a $7 appetizer and stuck to the water. They had some pretty festive music there. Most everyone else had wine, but I took a peek at the prices, $24 a bottle and up and decided to pass. So anyway, since I accomplished nothing today, I will be studing quite a bit tomorrow. Yay. I also look forward to talking to all of you, as it is a weekend, and I should be hanging by the phone, or at least my cell phone. A lot of the people on our floor are camped out in the lounge with the big sceen TV watching the Italian Job (they will be watching movies all night long) so I think I will watch a little more of that and hit the sack. √ bient√∂t.