AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


Today has been another somwhat slow Saturday accentuated by brief moments of change. I got very little sleep last night due to a cold I seem to have contracted within the last few days. I found myself tossing and turning until around 5 AM, bleary eyed, I surrendered to my fevered urges and gulped down a healthy dose of Ny-Quill. This would almost have done it, had Ian not yelled at 9:20 in the morning something about leaving for the mall. Oh well, I got at least 4 hours of somewhat solid sleep. I had some echinacea tea and some lozenges, and I just kind of plowed through the rest of the morning. My roommate Liang Liang arrived today, sometime around 3 PM if my memory serves me correctly. He is a "decent chap". He is from a Northwestern province of China, and has come to the U of A after two years of studying at a private Chinese college. He said that he wanted to learn more about other cultures and whatnot. His English is minimal, but sufficent, so things should work out alright. I think the adjustment will be hard on me. I am a character, and often times I go to bed much later than I think he is used to. I have been readin organic chemistry and other study materials today. I can't wait for my midterm when I can show off my newfound knowledge of halogenation of alkanes. They let me off my Safewalk shift tonight at Le Fac, because no partner signed up. A relif, becasue I cannot imagine three hours in the cold with my chest... I have been reading tonight on the 'net, as it is my favorite pasttime, and I stumbled across three intriguing articles that I am interested in investigating further. One, The Passion by Mel Gibson is a must see. It promises to be a fascinating film, although, to my understanding, it is only in Latin and Aramaic, which could present a problem. It will have no subtitles. I also so a trailer for the movie Luther, and while looking at that, I saw a quote that Luther had made that is directly contradictory to what the Bible teaches. Perhaps you may have heard it before, "Be a sinner, and sin boldly, but believe more boldly still. " Paul directly addresses this in Romans 6:1. Luther committed the Bible, or very large portions of memory, but somehow he managed to miss this? I think that this subject deserves a great deal more study. I have generally heard only good things about Luther (except that he was very anti-semitic), but now I would like to know more. This site has an essay that is very negative towards Luther, but it does have the look of being well researched. In this matter, I think my attitude would be that of the university's motto, "Quae cum que vera" or "Whatsoever is true". I would like to continue believing the best about Luther, but his writings are disturbing. Anyway, it is time for me to sleep. I am popping another "healthy dose" of Ny-Quill. wan an.