AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


The end of a long week has finally arrived, and it looks like most people are heading home for the holiday weekend. We don't have classes until Wednesday, so I have some time to get caught up on studying and all that good stuff. I have got all kinds of plans for this weekend, including vegging out. I am very interested in that. I am hoping to get my biology report done. I need to get a pretty good grade on that. The last one was a "learning experience". I also have to clean the "pad". Do some laundry, all those fun housekeeping tasks I would rather not think about. I have gotten out of Safewalking for two weeks in a row now for a lack of a partner. I am somewhat surprised, but I should be safewalking next week. I am thinking that the last two times have been flukes, but that's nice. No walking in the cold for me! And on that note, apparently it is supposed to warm up in Edmonton this weekend. Forcasters are predicting temperatures as high as 4‚° C. Woo hoo! Heatwave! I am going to do some page additions this weekend. I have some photos that (I think ) are pretty cool, so I will be throwing them up in short order. It is about time that you guys got some new ones. I apologize to everyone who has written me and not gotten a reply yet. Trust me, I am working on them. I have just been a little busy lately. I should be throwing something in the mail this weekend. I'd like to get them out tomorrow morning ideally. I think I am going out to RATT for a little while tonight. RATT stands for Room At The Top, it is a restaurant at the top of the Student's Union Building. I haven't been there yet, and I am interested in checking it out. Probably play a good game when I get back. It has been ages since I have done that... Seeya.