AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


Our team triumphed over all challengers this Saturday. The Mac Daddies reign supreme at the moment. In case their is general bewilderment, the Mac Daddies refers to the 9th/10th floor dodge ball intramural team. Sooo much fun. It would have been better had I not totally thrown out my my arm during the warm up for the second game. That was an interesting (read: painful) experience that I do not recall having ever experienced before. We pasted our nicknames on our shirts using hockey tape. My nick is Merlin from Top Gun. I think our next game is tomorrow. I went to my lab this morning at 9 AM, and I can't help but say that it sucks to lose a Saturday morning. I wound up spending it centifuging plasmids, which is all well and good, but I would rather sleep. And speaking of biology, I have a lab report due on Tuesday, so I was plinking away at that today. I have my article and stuff, but I have to go to the library to get it and copy it off. I also prepped my graphs and they look pretty decent. I just have to get a lot of typing done on the main body of it. I watched the Matrix Revolutions tonight and I definitely would say I have mixed feelings on it. The directors made some serious sacrifices in the plot and characterization to make a statement about the world and choice. I will write more on the topic I think, but not tonight, I would rather discuss it after sleeping on it. My aunt was here today from out of town, so we went out to the grocery store to do some shopping. It was so nice not to have to carry back armloads of groceries. There are some serious benefits to having a vehicle. We are supposed to meet tomorrow to go to church and then get soem lunch, and I am looking forward to it. I will have to miss going to the water park, but I can use the ticket later, and my aunt will not be up again. I can't really afford to spend an entire day at the park right now either. I have to get the rest of the lab report done, and my prelabs for chem and biology. Before I get really incoherent, I think I am going to cut this one off. Night everybody... PS. Threw on a bible verse at the bottom that changes everyday, NIV version. If you prefer Spanish, just let me know.