AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


This morning started a little early, due to church, but it was all good. I did get enough sleep that I didn't pass out during the middle of the sermon. The Pastor there is excellent, and if I can figure out how to get there, I think I'll go next week. It is a mammoth church, and I think they have thousands in attendance because they have multiple sermons. He spoke on money today, which was interesting because I have little. It was an excellent sermon, and one quote stands out especially (caution: I may have murdered this) "A man's life can be defined by two things, his watch and his wallet." Wow. Quite a succinct way to make a profound point. Money and time are the two most basic things a person has to give, and what he does with them, defines his life. Powerful. I went out to brunch with my Aunt and an important governmental official in Alberta. He will remain anonymous to protect the guilty. No, he was really a great guy and I was grateful to both him and his wife for their wonderful hospitality. I would welcome seeing them both sometime in the future. After brunch my aunt took off and I spent the afternoon doing boring stuff -- cleaning the room, laundry, dishes, etc. We played our game tonight and got spanked. "In the Middle" was quite good, and showed some serious flaws in our game play. We have much to improve. Should prove to be fun and challenging. Most everybody was icing various appendages after the game, most commonly the arms or shoulders. Must get more sleep than I have as of late. I have a lot to do yet on my biology report, but at least I am a good ways into it. I will have to finish tomorrow afternoon. So, with that, farewell.