AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


Regretfully, tonight I have not been able to get the article online that was published in the Gateway on Thursday. I am working on this, however, and it should be up tomorrow. But, I am borrowing the scanner, so I cannot guarantee anything. I am sort of gearing up for my lab finals which start next week. They are absolutely critical if I hope to pass my classes. I am hoping that they go absolutely flawlessly. That said, I am sure I can expect some serious errors. That is the way of things for me lately. I had a good fight with Denton today when things took a turn for the weird, and somebody got the bright idea to "cage rage". So, I figured I'd give it a go, and I have to admit, it was pretty fun. Denton laid quite a haymaker on my chin, so I have a pretty good bruise, but because of the cage, I doubt that happens very often at all. I think I might take a picture of the shiner and throw it up here for grins... He wants a rematch. I nailed him prety good. I actually got XBox Live! up and running. It has been such a long time since I was on. Due to networking issues, and running cable out to the TV, thus far I haven't played around with it, but I decided to give it a try today, and using Ryan's 50 footer and my 40 footer, we actually got it setup. Quite a bit of good fun. I am looking forward to playing a little tomorrow. After all, I do have lab finals to think about. We had our floor dinner tonight. It was actually quite welcome since we basically had Thanksgiving dinner, which I won't be having this year during my traditional time. It reminded me a little of home around this time. Of course, I had to do dishes, but whatever... The stuffing was certainly tasty, and we had so much cake left over, I think I can scam some more off tomorrow. Anyway, it is 4:16 AM. I gotta go to bed.... Night.