AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


Another day in Southern Alberta with the relatives. My Aunt has still not had her baby but she is bursting at the seams, and her doctor plans to induce on Thursday if she doesn't have the baby before then. It will be too late for me however. I am heading back up to Edmonton at 6 AM tomorrow morning. I made them promise they would email me some pictures, but it isn't the same... I am really looking forward to going back to Michigan, but I am really dreading all of the travel time to get back. I have 6 and a half hours on the bus tomorrow followed by umpteen hours on the plane that I am not looking forward to. That and you have to dress carefully to make sure that you have no metal, and all of that. I have quite a bit of laundry and other preparation to do tomorrow to be ready for this trip. I am connecting in Minneapolis, so I will be right by my relatives. Not much more for news tonight. I am just relaxing my last night with the relatives. Prettige Kerstdagen. Vaarwel.