AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


Since I will not be Alberto for quite a while, I figured it was fitting for him to make a post like the one I gave Eddie on the roommate page. It was a blast having him around, and his presence will be missed. Anyway, here goes.... "...Hi everyone, my name is Alberto Sansores Cambranis. I am from Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz. MEXICO. This place is located on the southeast of my country, on the gulf of Mexico. It is a warm place with an average temperature of around 30 celcius degrees (pretty hot, right?). It's been a pleasure to have come to Canada, have studied at UofA and have met many people up here. I am really going to miss being here!!! :( On the other hand I am happy too because I will see my family again. You know it's hard to be far away from them but I guess it was worth every single second I didn't see them. On my plans there is the idea to come back to Canada to get my Master degree and of course see again all this awesome people I am just leaving behind. Ok, well... it was a pleasure to have written to you. And I just want to thank Nate for all the things he did for me. You may know that we actually spent really good time together... sometimes having "breakfast" in the middle of the night, other days just chilling out and some others just talking about different topics. For sure we will stay in touch by MSN Messenger and if someday he decides to go to Mexico we could have good time again. See you everyone, it was a pleasure..."