AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


Back in the United States. Wow, this day has been a long time in coming. I got back last night absolutely exhausted, having slept only 3 and a half hours that night. I wound up going from Edmonton to Minneapolis, Minneapolis to Detroit, and then home. They overbooked my flight, so I figured I would let them pay me for my inconvenience. I got a free trip anywhere in North America except Mexico. Merry Christmas to me... I finally got back to Michigan, and had a dip in the hot tub? Few things are that surprising to someone, and this really caught me off guard. I do remember Dan mentioning it, vaguely, but I had totally forgotten about it. Pleasant surprise. I am happy to be home, and I think I will spend the better part of tomorrow visiting people. I am looking forward to it. That and figuring out what virus I have installed in Windows. I had to use Knoppix because the internet is totally useless in Windows right now. Hmmmm.... The nice thing about this computer though was that a friend of mine installed a blacklight into it. Fun stuff. He also put a tux penguin into it. Which reminds me -- I am compiling the 2.6.0 kernel at my soonest opportunity. This entry couldn't be more random, so I think I'll cut it off and come back at it tomorrow. Salut.