AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


Wow, it has been such a long time since I updates and for that I am sorry. I have intended to get to it before now, but as I am sure you all know by now, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I didn't get back from Safwalk til late tonight. We had no walks all night long (went to the coffee shop, played Foosball) until 5 minutes before shift was up, and then we get a call to walk somebody out into the boonies. I can understand why she wanted the walk, but earlier might have been a little nicer. Anyways, it took forever to get all the way out there and back. I went to the evening youth service at McKernan baptist, and it was pretty good. It is not normally youth on Sunday night, but tonight was the youth run the services day, so that explains that. Anyway, as usual, I was quite happy I went. God has what I believe is a rich sense of irony. I am consistantly amazed at his handiwork. I was disappointed to miss out on Thanksgiving in the States, but I am afraid it really wouldn't work out any other way. I have classes and whatnot so I was obliged to stay here in Canada. I am very thankful to those of you who called me to wish me a good day. Believe me, I would quite have appreciated some turkey... As it was, I think I had some pizza. I saw Master and Commander last night at West Edmonton mall with Upton. For someone who is absolutely broke, that was one expensive endeavor. It was, admittedly, an excellent movie. But we missed the first 5 minutes of the actual movie after paying $13.95 CAD (gasp). We thought we were ok when we got done for a bus ride back. I feel so cheated because we missed the last bus by 8 minutes, despite the driver on the way out telling us they ran the buses straight to 1. Yeah, so we we were standed way out in the middle of nowhere. We hiked for a ways and stopped at a gas station where some nice ladies tried to tell us the quickest way to get to the university. After an awkward 45 minutes in a gas station we got a cab to the university, or close to it. That was so expensive, I had him drop us off 1.5 km from our place. We hoofed it back and were back inside about quarter after two. Next time I think I will stick to matinee showings when I know what the price is and how exactly I am getting back. Very late now. goede nacht