AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


Well, my brain is just about fried today, and I am going to bed now to preserve what's left. I am just a touch concerned about finals and they start on Tuesday. God help me, I don't think I am ready. I played a little bit of Frozen Throne after studying inorganic chem and statistics. My goal tomorrow is to plow through at least two practice tests for each and make sure I can get a decent score. Right now? Things ain't looking too good. I think I will be waking up at 8. I have to work tomorrow, so I realize I can't study all day, but I will go as long as I can. Well, in light of the fact that I desperately need sleep (or drugs -- but those are expensive and habit forming), I think I will be going to bed now. I finally have my room they way I like it. It's great. More on prep tomorrow. Night.