AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


I am quite ecstatic about recent findings today. Other than the fact that my room remains a small landfill, things seem to be on the up and up. I received all of my grades back was jubilant upon learning that I did not fail any of my classes. I didn't do so hot in Statistics, but I still passed, and theat is all that matters for now. I found an awesome sale on Westjet for flights up to March 3, so I think I will be flying out to Vancouver to see my Dad for Reading Recess at the end of February. I am really genuinely looking forward to it. I have not yet seen Vancouver, and I have not seen my Dad for ages. It is always fun to do something with him. It should be pretty fun to see the ocean in the winter too. Credit will be offered for anything I do with the Summer Language Bursary Program, making it more attractive than it already was. All in all, a surprising number of things to look forward to. Adios