AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


Vos Family Photos If you haven't been to that site yet, they are a few neat pictures of me that you may feel free to check out. One is particularly pretty at the Athabasca glacier. I am just trying to recover after the french department tossed me a cold fish. Apparently, I cannot enroll in French 112, and I am being forced to enroll in 211 or higher, naturally, this has me quite frustrated, but I have little choice. Nothing else really eventful has happened today, with the exception that it is -18° C in Edmonton today, which is pretty darn cold. Needless to say, my 180°'s are getting excessive use. I am excited about my little holiday in Vancouver coming up in a few months. I have not been there yet, and it should be a lot of fun. I really want to track down Carlos and go see him. It has been many years, but hopefully he will not have forgotten me. Best get back to straightening my room. Toodle-loo.