AUTHOR: Nathaniel Vos


Today was a day of much accomplishment, if you can count winning many Enemy Territory games as achievement. Even if it does not qualify, it sure was a heck of a lot of fun. I figure this early in the semester I can afford to blow a little time. Later on I will have plenty of time to fool around with homework. I am hoping to increase my grades a bit over what I am getting now. My current GPA isn't exactly -- impressive. I have much to figure out over the next few days, not least of which is figuring out where to get my next round of money. At some point, I have to get back to Michigan, and this will require substantial financial resources. These resources are somewhat absent at this stage in my life, so I need to figure out how to procure them in my stretched for time lifestyle. I have big hopes for this semester, and I am hoping I have the willpower to deliver the goods. I want to have fun, but I think I can do that within the parameters of my study. Oh well, enough for tonight I think. A French quiz is imminent, and I should see how much I can recall. Salut.