I actually safewalked a shift


I actually safewalked a shift today, and at -39 C, that is quite a feat! Needless to say, I froze. But it wasn't all bad, I had a pretty good time with it. On the whole, I find Safewalk to be a good time. I was actually colder (due to less clothes) walking back from church on Sunday, the wind picked up, and it got cold real fast. I am hoping the temperature warms up a bit soon, so I can hit the rink. Although, it is nice that there is definitely no slush. The snow crunches when you walk on it. I am pretty sure I failed my organic lab this morning, which means a great deal of practice is due for me in interpreting NMR spectroscopy. That stuff is insanely hard, and my work is just not cutting it. On the whole, I have a lot of studying to do. Tomorrow I have a ton of classes, scattered all over campus, so I should get to bed now to make sure I can stay awake all day. That, and I also have a French 211 midterm tomorrow to take care of... I don't get done until 9:30 tomorrow night. Luckily, I no longer have to carry around a box of kleenexes; the cold is slowly subsiding. I would love to hear from everybody, so drop me an email when you get the chance! Goodnight.