Super Bowl Sunday


I am divided on what type of car to get and how to pay for it. And even if a car is the best idea at all. I have a friend who plans to use an ancient trail bike to get to work. I don't think I could pull that off, exactly, but maybe there is something that I haven't thought of. If it pays well, I would be willing to work almost anywhere in the world. I am looking for maximum payout with at least a little enjoyability. The Safewalk guys are getting aggresive about making sure that all of the volunteers are doing their shifts. This is the second Sunday in a row I have gotten called to sign up for a shift. It sounds like will be making a trip to la Fac on Thursday night. I get to sleep in Friday, so I suppose I am ok with that... This post is pretty long already, I think I am going to tie this one off before it starts putting innocents to sleep.