Vancouver Sunsets


Actually, the title is somewhat meaningless as I haven;t seen a sunset yet here. It has been kind of socked in, I guess, true to the nature of Vancouver. I suppose it really doesn't bother me all that much, but I hope it clears up for tomorrow, so I can try out the SeaBus, which looks kind of neat. I am also planning on heading to some canyons which look kind of neat. I made it here on Saturday morning completely exhuasted but otherwise in good spirits. We (my Dad and I) nosed around where he works, and then took a drive around the general area. We also went out to pick up some food, and I must say, I have never before seen a Real Canadian Superstore inside of a mall before, with special shopping carts for the escalators, that was just weird. We stayed inside for the most part today, I worked a bit on the computer, vegged, and watched the Daytona 500. Not much to speak of there, but this is supposed to be a relaxing holiday.... Anyway, a lot to do tomorrow, so I should get going. Adios.