Whistlin' in Whistler


I was woken up this morning to somebody asking me if I wanted to head up to Whistler. I was pretty groggy, but I said sure, why not? So my Dad and I and a guy he works with drove up to a bank in Whistler to take out some panels. That road is kind of neat, but that said, I wouldn't want to travel on that thing everyday. That road is really windy and up and down. Whistler, of course, was gorgeous. The snow started up as we were about to leave, and it was really snowing. Too bad I was working and not skiiing, but them's the breaks... That Burrard inlet is really something else. Absolutely pristine mountains coming up on both sides, and just a tugoat and barge out hauling some woodchips. My father is quite the cook as I found out tonight. I am not much for Chinese food but he made an awesome seafood stirfry. The most depressing part? I have to go back to cafeteria food in less than a week. That, and tomorrow I have to get some work done as on Wednesday I am leaving for Victoria. Unfortunately, vacation's always go by way too fast. Au revoir.