Floor Games


What a crazy night, honestly, I intended to go to bed at 12:30 tonight. However, I played the first game of Mafia with the floor, which quickly progressed to playing Twister, then Human Knot, and then keys, followed finally by a rambunctious (and violent) game of spoons, in which I can only say that I am lucky to not have been seriously injured. I did finish tied for first though.... Earlier, I had gone out to dinner with the floor, one last time, to Mongolie Grill, which was quite good, if a little pricy. I did really enjoy it, however. I really loaded up on the seafood, since billing was doen just by weight. The dinner put me into a bit of an introspective mood, however. I have lived with these people for seven months, and we have gotten very close. As much as I want to be done with the semester, it will be hard to just pack up and leave. I will really miss lliving here, strange as that sounds. I also went toa good lecture today put on by Campus for Christ. Very interesting. Tomorrow morning I have to wake up and do a lot of work, from inorganic chemistry to a biology lab report, 5 pages typed. So, with that... Vizitu min ankoraŭfoje