"Saved!" ?


I swore I would not drink that much coffee after I couldn't fall asleep all night, and I did nit again. The upside? Well, I had zero problems staying awake in my class, consumption of almost a gram of pure caffeine will do that to you, on the other, hand, I felt buzzed, couldn't focus, and yeah, had one heck of a crash. Coffee in decent amounts, no more than one or two cups a day, is fine, any more than that, and well, there's a problem. I got a lot done today in one sense, and very little in the other. I didn't get as far as I hoped anyway, so I will be very busy this weekend. That said, I did get to play a game of volleyball with nine other people on more floor and that was a blast. Look for enjoyment in life's little pleasures. I ran across a movie called Saved! about a Baptist High School, and it certainly looks interesting. It is definitely a very dark look about the downsides of Chistians, or more so, it takes an attempted humorous look at those who would call themselves Christians, but maybe aren't there yet. The trailer is interesting to watch because I have run up against all the stereotypes they try to portray in this movie. You can take a look at it at it here Please note that I am in no way advocating this movie, as it looks like an immature examination. I would be interested in comments though, so pleas eleave a comment with your thoughts on the trailer if you watch it. Well, goodnight.