Home Stretch


Lot's of studying is occurring, though not as much as I would have liked or planned for. I can handle that because I still have quite a bit of time before I hit the finals, but as I am responsible for this material, I definitely need to know it better than I do now, which is in a casual nature. I will definitely be taking a little bit of time off this weekend, however. Tomorrow is Good Friday, and there is a service at 10:30 which I definitely plan on attending at the baptist church about a kilometre from here. I went out tonight to the Powerplant for the last ship night. It was fun, but it didn't feel quite right, so I only stuck around till ten. And the night proceeded in a comic fashion from there, from Ryan trying to bash his camera around to get it to work, to Eddie nitpicking over the temperature in the room. Nothing like being in an irregular routine. With finals so far off, it is almost like a vacation, a vacation with a looming storm, but a vacation nonenetheless. Anyway, much to do, and so little time to do it. As I close out a chapter of my life, I desperately want to have a good and memorable time. Goodnight.