We all dread it, it is a mindless waste of time, and yet at various points in our lives, we are forced to push mind-numbing amounts of paper at various organizations. Today that happened to be the IRS, and I was compelled to file my turn on the 15th. I also attacked with new vigor my admission to GRCC for the summer do I can take my summer course in calculus. I had quite a bit to do, but I got it done at the cost of studying today. Of course, I still think everyone needs a break from that sort of thing, so I was pretty happy to be able to take some kind of a break. I am resigning myself slowly to a different pace of life back in the States for the summer. Of course, the move will be accompanied with a few very positive things, like being able to go camping with old friends, fooling around, seeing my MI relatives, but on the other hand, there are some negatives too. I will no longer have my beloved broadband pipes, nor will I have the independence that comes from living by oneself as a bachelor.