Quantifying Life's Lessons


It is sometimes difficult to see how much you have learned over a year when you always feel desperately behind. I was looking at someone's sig on MSN Messenger, and he said, "I wouldn't call my time here useless, it serves to show others what not to do." The phrase immediately struck me as funny, but it did make me think about all of the mistakes I have, and have learned from over the last eight months. I think I have emerged a stronger individual from it all. I had Easter sunday at the church, and they cooked a huge meal for us, a turkey dinner. Fantastic food really. I came back did a little studying, a little sleeping, and now I am off to play volleyball. I have to make dinner soon too, and I can't decide between eggs and sausage or cream corn and soup. So many choices, such easy to prepare food... Talked to all of my relatives today throughout the area, which was quite a laugh. Anyway, the game goes on without me!