Out of Sorts


I got out of work today promptly at 7 AM and proceeded to kill about 45 minutes to wait till it was late enough to head for church. I drove out to Calvary, and then fought valiantly to remain awake for the entirety of the service. After making a stop at Panera for coffee, I headed home with my step dad driving (I met up with them at church). I crawled into bed around 11 completely exhausted around 11, got woken up by my sister at 3:30 PM, and finally woke up at 5:45, feeling a little "out of sorts". It's a feeling that I haven't quite managed to shake all evening. I spent the night scrubbing the floor with the aid of a 15oo lb piece of equipment, and tonight, I think I get to wax. Oh well, that's a few more skills that I can claim on a résumé, and really, I don't mind the work. I really am looking forward to my day off, though, to get a little sleep and change the transmission fluid on my car. I am working on getting back into the amateur radio groove after not really being on the bands during my time at school. I recently put my mobile into my new Pontiac, after a considerable amount of effort. Hopefully I can complete my Morse code requirements this summer so I can qualify for my general license as well. I would love to operate a little up in the mountains. Well, off to work again, later.