The Nature of Evil


Evil seems to be an uncontrollable force running amok through a world that does not often recognize its existence. Its power is pervasive and complete, oozing into every facet of every man's life. It breaks down relationships, destroys integrity, and spares no one man or woman. Worse still, its most powerful weapon is deception and its shield is the darkness. Comprehensively it breaks down a person to carnality. Always I can feel it stir deep inside of me. A suggestion, a thought, a whisper is ever present in my mind. The struggle against its power is never finished; the Gates of Hell perpetually tempt. Is man good? No, I cannot think so as I see the threads of malice woven throughout man's existence. Even God's greatest men succumbed to it completely at various points in their life. Our bondage is ended only in death. The chains of mortality link us directly to our sin. As Thomas Hard deftly points out, "A resolution to avoid an evil is seldom framed till the evil is so far advanced as to make avoidance impossible." It creeps and sneaks, corrupting the consciences of many, it lures with trite promises, offering only pain and damning death at its end. Most people do not realize how far along they are until it is far to late. Courting sin is similar to a canoe ride off of Niagara Falls, exhilarating in its start, terrifying at its end. I feel cold.