Crazy Summer Days


The week has begun in a poor fashion, although I still have high hopes to recover it. Yesterday afternoon my sister got in a massive car accident merely a mile from our house. Of course, this had to happen the week that my vehicle is in the shop with a downed ignition. My week has begun with me working frantically to assure that I have some kind of ride to jury duty or work, whichever it turns out to be for tomorrow. On the upside, I am getting this site completely figured out, and I am planning some fun updates over the next few weeks before school begins again. I am planning on driving out to St. Catharines, Ontario to see some second cousins of mine, and the rest of the summer should be consumed with working. Nothing else is really exciting right now. I am just trying to get my motorcycle endorsement and enough money to buy my books this fall. After that? It's anybody's guess.