On the Road: North Dakota


Unbelievably, North Dakota has a free internet kiosk at one of their rest areas, so here I am. I had kind of a rocky start to my adventures, a engine (or tanny) shudder, loss of cruise, and a persistent check engine light. It would seem however that most of these issues have worked themselves out. Obviously, since I have driven a 1000 miles or so. North Dakota can be somewhat boring, but they have now more than made up for it with high speed limits and a free internet kiosk. Being on the open road is not without its amusements. I have appreciated the solitude, and the time to listen to the Republican National Convention speaches, Steven Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, C.S. Lewis' The Four Loves, and a whole lot of music. I have an open bag of Dorritos on the seat next to me, Bart Simpson whipping around on my antenna mast, and few pop bottles around my feet. I have my cell phone (sometimes), so it is never like I have lost touch with the world. I should be staying in Moosejaw, Saskachewan tonight, provided I can stay awake that long, and I don't have any engine problems. Still not really looking forward to school, but it is a change from working, and I appreciate that. I now have my bike and TV, and that should provide a welcome change in efficency at U of A. Well, at least the bike should. Not much can be said for the TV... More tonight or tomorrow. TTFN