The Last American Days


I finished work the other night (with a farewell party), so now I am merely relaxing before I leave for Canada and begin my 9 month sprint through classes, work, and church. Luckily my last days in the States have been punctuated by colossal failures of machine and resolve. Yet I remain committed and determined to finish what I have set out to do in the best fashion I am capable of. As I approach my 20th anniversary of life, my car is in the shop undergoing major engine and coolant system repairs. I am extremely disappointed with the way that this turned out, but I remain realistic in outlook. There is little I can do at this point, except to repair my vehicle and move forward. I try to put little stock into material possessions, because they inevitably let me down. Defying all earlier expectations, I have enjoyed my time spent in the US this summer, and do not cheerfully greet the end of it. I had hoped summer would last a trifle longer, but at last I come to its end. The only thing that I will appreciate having back is a decent internet connection.