The Week From Hell


Well, honestly, it wasn' t completely bad, but close. I had a fantastic weekend, but the following Monday I went to the credit union, and discovered that a red fluid, which I had thought at the time to be transmission fluid, boiling on my exhaust manifold. It wasn't. I took the car to the mechanics, all the while carefully watching my temperature guage. By the time I arrived at the garage, the car was smoking quite a bit. The transmission has shifted hard during this harrowing adventure, and given the boiling fluid, I figured that the smoking was related to that. Wrong. It turns out that the water pump in my car had busted, prompting $400 in repairs. The transmission is getting a flush. Not only that but it turns out that the head may have gotten hot enough to crack. Needless to say, four days later, I am still not in my vehicle. I can only pray that my engine didn' t sustain massive amounts of damage. I can't afford the time or money. The passports have yet to be replaced, and I am still working 3rd shifts at Meijer. My razor stayed in the car so the first time I have had a shave was today. I am exhuberant that this week is over. I am counting on next week to offer something better.