Busy Busy


I have actually managed to stay fairly productive today, only slipping off for a few moments of sloth. I am impressed that I managed to stay on task, but I actually got back my employment from last year, picked up my loan papers, fixed my FC's computer, talked with the chaplain, etc. I am happy to be hitting the sack though, as I have a 9 AM class in Calc 1. Last night was fairly interesting. After I went to bed somewhere around 2, I heard this buzzing out in the hallway, as in loud buzzing. I went out there to see what it was, and lo and behold, it was a fire alarm! So at 2:30 AM I trudged out in the snow! That's right, armed with my trusty slippers, and my hastily applied clothing, I made my way out into the great outdoors. After being stuck outside in the cold for a half hour, we went to the other side of the complex where we waited a little while longer. When I finally got up to my floor, I was somewhat surprised to see firemen in our kitchen. Yup, that's right, somebody on our floor decided that they wanted to have cheese toast and threw that in the toaster. Not only did they wake everyone up, but a visit like that costs Lister about $5000. Smooth.