Critical Processes


What are these? Tonight, I will attempt to define, in a limited fashion, a few of them for my person. My recent discovery of the incredible power of power napping is one example. For those of you unfamiliar with this practice, it involves going taking a simple 20 minute nap in the middle of the day. Hardly revolutionary, right? Wrong, the art has enabled me to be far more productive in a day than otherwise. I no longer completely drift off in my later classes of the day, like anatomy and psychology. In fact, I stay totally conscious during the entire class which is a great feeling. I no longer miss the entire point of the lecture becasue my primary efforts are devoted to the topic, not straining to simply stay awake. The necessity of a list: I cannot put it any more succinctly. Without a list, an agenda of basic, core goals I have for the day/week, I often fail to meet even half of my objectives. My memory simply cannot contain all of the ideals I wish to maintain without the power of a planner. Today being my case in point, I failed to look at my planner before attending my French class, and while I completed the assignment, I had totally forgotten the quiz. I scored an amazing 50%. The necessity of fundamental organization: Well, this one I am still working on, but as opposed to last year, I am far more organized and task-driven. I try to maintain a fairly clean room, allowing me to be far more efficient in working on the things that truly matter, like the basic process of ossification of bone in the developing fetus or that game of squash I wanted to get in. I attended a fascinating lecture tonight on the dichotomy between evolutionism and creationism, from a prof here at the U of A that argues from a teleological evolutionist point of view. The ideas from the lecture I am still working over im my mind, as they involve broad implications for both the book of Genesis and the nature of modern biology. It is certainly a new way of viewing the world and its origins.