I suppose it puts a man in his place to see the awesome might and power of a hurricane and all of the destruction that it leaves in its wake. Still, it is terrible for the people living there. I have watched with fascination as each hurricane has moved across the ocean. Something about the idea of massive amounts of energy in a swirling nexus appeals to me. The power imbued in each is overwhelming. I have been taking a class this semester called Textualities: Signs and Texts -- a weird course. I have never thought of language, the nature of meaning, and what literature really is until now. Difficult as the class is and will be, I find it somewhat fascinating to discuss the different theories of signs by Saussure and Jacobsen. I may be unable to view even my writing in the same light after completing this course. Tomorrow I have my longest day, with French, Anatomy, and three hours of Psychology tomorrow evening. So more on things tomorrow.