Listerite Once Again


Once again, I am back in Lister, albeit it this time, I am far more organized and dedicated to a list of a few goals. Despite a rocky start, things are starting to look up, but I have much to do over the next few days. Classes start tomorrow, and I am not quite ready for that. I am also looking for a job to fill in some of the rest of my time due to a lack of funds to complete this school year with. I initially was placed in the 4th floor of Henday, which I desperately wanted off of, so after waiting around in the Housing office for a few hours today, I got my transfer to MacKenzie. I spent the rest of the afternoon, and evening unpacking box after box of clothes, computer gear, books, etc. I am happy to say that one more load of stuff out of Henday should do it tomorrow, and I will be all set up here. A hassle to be sure, but at least I am up here now. I now have to get to bed, so tomorrow I can register in the rest of my classes, get my loan papers mailed off, finish setting up my room, and get my phone ordered. More on my adventures tomorrow, I suppose.