A Polemic


Well, this time I promise not to make this one, but I swear, unless the readership goes up a bit around here, I'll throw one out just to rile everyone up. I am hoping for some comments at some point here. The site is set up so that if your email client or web browser is fairly recent, you can syndicate this site with RSS or Atom. Those services allow you to see when there is a new post without even going to my website. They will show up in your email client or in your modern browser. I strongly recommend the use of either Opera or Firefox for your daily web browser, and both support this kind of syndication. My math midterm went badly. There really isn't a nicer way I can put that. I found the problems to be easy enough, and yet, I simply couldn't complete them fast enough. All I can say is that I hope the curve is gracious. I am still hoping for improved grades over last year, and so far, I believe I am somewhat successful, but I have a long ways to go. I have attached the audio portion of tonight's post here. Please note that you must have a player capable of handling Real Audio files. Programs are available for Linux, Mac, and Linux here.