A mildly busy Sunday. I didn't achieve all of what I had hoped to get done, but I believe that was somewhat offset by the fact that I had no math homework this week. I spent a good portion of today studying and cleaning, but I goofed off a fair bit too. Luckily, I spent about 6 hours in the library yesterday preparing for anatomy. I don't think I am ready for that one yet, but hopefully after a few hours tomorrow, I will be. One of the biggest wastes of time this year is the incredible invention of Rhapsody. I love that program, er, service. It's basically 800,000 tracks that you can listen to on demand. You have to be online to use it, but at the university, that is not a problem. I have listened to a ton of CD's now, and what doesn't help matters any, is that if I think of a song, I can play it. I spent today listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Weird Al, Kenny G, and Sting, among others. I listened to a new, rather different album the other day, "There Will be a Light" by Ben Harper and The Blind Boys of Alabama. Interesting mix. Crazy week of four midterms, so... Peace out.