Stress Cadet meets Nuclear Reactor


I have been working furiously the past few days. I completely poured through all of my semiotics lectures while recording them to my computer, and then proceeded to read the rest of Barthes Mythologies, followed by most of Althusser and then McLuhan. I have finally finished a semi-rough draft tonight, a mere 12 hours before it is due. Somewhat pathetic I realize, but at least it went much better than the previous effort. I hope my grade reflects the change in my efforts. I went to see the U of A nuclear reactor today, which I have to say, was awesome. Of course, all you see is concrete, since the whole thing is encased, but the prof that walked us through was quite interesting, and gave us countless examples of what they do with the reactor; it is primarily a source of neutrons. The reactor does not generate any power for the university. They use it to irradiate samples to find atomic composition or make tracer moleules. I hope to post a picture soon of us standing on top of it. It is one of five in Canada. I am spending a lot of time studying lately. I have my four midterms next week, along with my events tomorrow, so I am hoping for a good experience.