The Okanagan


Believe it or not, I am actually in Vernon, British Columbia, sponging off of my friend's internet connection with my wireless card. We just got back from a pub here, where we met Paul for drinks. So far, I generally like Vernon, and the house I am staying at here is quite nice. We had steak tonight that was fantastic. So happy to be away from Lister food for awhile. The trip here was rather interesting. We went through Jasper because the route by calgary had construction, but from the moment we entered the mountains until we got by Kamloops, we were in a cloud. The weather was horrendous, and at times the visibility was down to 20 feet. Needless to say, that slowed us down a bit. Not only that, but the Dodge Neon we were in was a little small, so we were all quite happy to get out by the time we got to each gas station. Well, hopefully off to watch a movie before we hit the sack.