I'm Sick


I took off on Friday for Granum to spend the weekend. It went well, and I got to see everybody that I had wanted to see. I traveled down in a 2-door 1990 Pontiac Sunfire, but it had a terrific audio deck, and the company was great as well. Coming back was kinda sketchy as there was a lot of fog and ice, but we made it back alright. While down there, I basically visited all of my relatives for a bit and went to church, along with a fair bit of studying. I have a lot of work to do, even though midterms are over with. I went to bed last night thinking that my throat was awfully sore, and when I woke up, the irritant had metastasized into a full blown cold. I was all congested, and I generally felt terrible. I picked up a box of Sudafed, came back to my dorm, and crashed. I feel slightly better now, but I am hoping to go to bed in the next half hour or so to see what a lot of sleep can do to the illness. We'll see, more tomorrow.