Lobster and Chowda: Best Weekend Ever


I can't say how awesome it has been to fly to Boston, Mass. for a weekend in New England. There is nothing like leaving the absolutely landlocked Edmonton, Alberta to go to a place like Gloucester, the oldest seaport in North America. As I learned today, it was founded in 1623. It aslo has a fantastic collectin of little shops winding up a one-way street. The weather was far from idyllic, but we managed to make the best of it. MY flight into Boston went quite well, though I was delayed above Minneapolis for a while due to heavy cloud cover and low visibility on the ground. Otherwise, I relaxed for most of the flight, content to chat with neighbors and thumb through a tattered Sky Mall catalogue. It was hard to throttle back the euphoria. I spent the last few days at a house in Lancaster, MA where I am currently typing this out on my Mom's notebook. Everybody else has hit the sack, as they are planning on leaving at 6:30 AM. It is 13 some odd hours back to Michigan from here. I guess I can understand the desire to get an early start, though I am reluctant to see the end of the weekend come up so fast. From here on out, I have a heavy amount of studying to do. I don't think I can afford to leave the library. I am hoping to see a bit more in the morning, as my flight doesn't take place until 6 in the evening. My hosts have been fantastic, and I have appreciated their efforts, though they cleaned me out in poker tonight. I had best get to bed before I have to wake up in the morning completely exhausted.