Ok, Let's Focus


I still maintain, that of all the necessary traits one can have, self control is one of the most important traits we can have. Sadly, it is certainly one of the traits that I have yet to master. Good self discipline is crucial to achieve any kind of success in life. Unfortunately, I am still awake and typing this and my French essay because I do not know how to focus my intelligence on one pursuit. This savoir-faire still eludes me. God help me if I can't figure this out better than I have currently. Of course, I am a big fan of Steven Covey's flagship book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. I went over that book and learned a lot from it. He suggests that we focus our energies on what he refers to as Quadrant 2 -- that being important, non-urgent tasks. To say this and to understand the value of this is common sense. That facility does not carry over into its implementation sadly. I still far too much time in Quadrant 4, non-urgent and non-important pursuits despite my efforts (feeble and increasingly futile) to do otherwise. Priez que je passe plus de temps avec les choses importants, s'il vous plait.