The Commencement of the End


The way I see it, this weekend, the last in November, heralds the end of the fall semester. This week I will be busily engaged with my end of term activities. I have much to complete and study before I can leave Edmonton for the year. I need now, more than ever, absolute focus and dedication to completing the task that lays ahead. Even more so, I see the opportunity to redeem flagging grades, and achieve what I had always hoped for last year -- namely, a solid 3.0 average. Granted, that isn't all that impressive, but I view it as a strong start. I didn't accomplish a whole lot this weekend, but I got a few things done. I am thankful to say that I finally squeezed in time for a haircut, and I picked up a few groceries. I at least now have milk in my room, which is now actually quite clean. More tomorrow, but I shall leave with this picture from Gloucester.