At Home


I flew into Grand Rapids last night around 10 PM. The flights were fairly decent and the weather was great, which always helps. The de-icing procedure in Edmonton was kind of interesting. We sat in the plane while they sprayed it down with some weird red goo. I have to say, it was kinda different, but it worked. When I got in Minneapolis, I had a 5 hour layover, so I took their brand new Hiawatha LRT line to the Mall of America. The mall was great, if a little busy the time I was there. Personally, I liked their shop selection better than that of WestEd, but both are great malls. I finished up the last of my Christmas shopping there. Three cheers for a Procrastinator's Christmas! Tonight was my Mom's birthday, and of course, I find out that the leather gloves I picked up at Wilson's were the wrong size. Rather disappointing. I also gave a mug to my Grandma and Grandpa which lasted about 2 or 3 minutes before Tom dropped it on the coffee table by accident. I have never seen a mug split so evenly before... The mug was pretty funny (at least, I thought so). I am happy to be home, but no less than a raft of problems followed me here. Despite the fact that I have no job, a raft of work seems to be waiting for me here. Despite that, I managed to spend a good bit of the day playing XBox with Dan. Life is only so long.