Classes Complete


I am happy to announce that the Fall Semester is complete at the University of Alberta. I finished up at 1 PM today, and have been loafing around ever since. I was up til 5 AM this morning, and thus got about 2 hours of sleep. Luckily, I did finally manage to complete my term paper, despite how late it was turned in. There is nothing like an overdose of coffee and European Trance to keep one going all night long. I am looking forward to a fitful slumber this evening. I have much to prepare for if I wish to do well on my final exams, so that will be my focus over the next few days. I also plan to play a little Christmas music. Unlike last year, I haven't done any decorating thus far. The only Christmas decorations are out in the lounge. Fortunately, it was -21 C here today and snowing, which makes it feel like it is the holiday season. I will try to play a little Christmas music to compensate. I don't leave Lister until the 22nd, so when I get home, it will be a matter of days before Christmas Day itself. I can't hardly believe that... I think I am going to play Rallisport Challenge for a few minutes and then turn in... My eyes are starting to close in spite of myself now.