Fedora Core 3


So, I amazed even myself and installed Fedora Core 3 tonight. The majority of my readers will have no clue what this means, so I will elaborate - just a little. It is a specific distribution of Linux that is very easy to install and use. It prides itself on completely setting the average computer user up with no technological abilities. I wound up using it for two reasons. It supports SELinux (a special version made by our friends at the NSA), and it could get my SATA drive to behave. It's really that simple. Since I have no time to troubleshoot this stuff myself, I now rely on something that is made for people without the time to tinker. Fair enough. My classes are ertainly interesting this semester. With the exception of a few classes that are starting out a little slow, the others have captivated my attention. This is quite an amazing feat, considering that I normally have reflex arc between my ears and my midbrain. I hear the prof and fall asleep. Suffice it to say, the material is now sufficiently relevant and fascinating that I don't usually feel drowsy. The first time in fact I drifted off a little was at the end of my biochem class today. I am hoping to get a fair bit of studying done this weekend. As the jobs that I hoped to get have not materialized, I am going to have to go with second tier, IGA or Safeway, perhaps. This could get interesting.