First Week Woes


It is Friday of my first week of the new semester, and I must say, this should be quite interesting. I am registered in all but one of my classes, that one possesing a weird glitch. So, I hve to go down to the registrar to complete that one. This semester looks like it will be quite challenging, but hopefully interesting too. With classes like pharmacology and biochem in the lineup, I am quite sure I can stay busy. Now if I could only fix my job problem, I'd be all set. Hopefully, I will get a call back from one of the resumés that I sent in. If not, well, there is always a phone sales company out there. Ugh. In the meantime, with the slow start to classes, I have been playing a few games, and I have to say, Far Cry is absolutely outstanding. Nothing quite like the excellent AI and the beautiful viusals. Not saying I spend a whole lot of time in it, but every once in a while, I don't mind loading it up a bit and trying my luck.