Getting Desperate


paperclips.jpg So, yes, the picture is completely irrelevant, but I really liked it. It was taken by a friend of mine who lives on this floor. Anyway, both he and I should be studying for exams right now, but -- as you can well see, this isn't happening. Actually, while I am a bit nervous about French and Bioethics, I have made up a ton of notecards for pharmacology. I am not there yet, but I am definitely making some serious progress, which is inspiring. I am counting on this semester to turn things around for me. We spent the microbiology lab today with gas chromatography and the output of bacteria from raw sewage. It was interesting, though a little disgusting. That class is getting a little wearisome as we have to memorize so much stuff. We are expected to know all kinds of different individual species, their habitats, all kinds of silly details. It's interesting, but I'd like to take a breather. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this summer is going to be a little lonely! It sounds like a friend of mine is going to leave me in the dust, so I am going to have to go it alone. I am still looking for jobs everywhere. Today someone mentioned an institute in Washington DC, if only I could be so lucky... I guess we will see what I can turn up and thus, where I wind up moving to. I am really hoping for something good and maybe profitable this summer. I have been looking at my debt figures, and they are astronomical. With the money I have burned on school, I would definitely have a good car right now.