Summer's Comin'


01280023.jpg Well, not really, but it was so warm today that I decided to post this funny classic from the ferry ride over to Beaver Island out in the middle of Lake Michigan. In my mind, this picture is the spirit of summer, and I guess, a cheap shot at the Titantic. Still, it brings back good memories of life in High School when times were somewhat more carefree. I am gearing up for a massive job hunt. I have pegged out my first targets and I will see what I can land for this summer. I am in no sense limiting myself to just what is in Grand Rapids. I plan to hit up the Continent and see what the best deal is, in terms of money and resumé building. Heaven knows its about time that I got of the retail industry. It's now a very drain on my soul. Erm, not really, but at the very least a huge drain on my finances. I did those tonight too... They didn't look so pretty. I have a huge task list for tomorrow morning, so it's off to bed with me.