Vancouver Living


Well, the weather here has been truly fantastic. I really have no complaints. It has been sunny and warm here for the last three days, and that is supposed to continue for the rest of the time that I am here. I am hoping to finish up with the job hunt stuff tomorrow, and then I can get on with the business of having fun out here. Hopefully, I can go out to Granville Island on Saturday. I am probably not going to head out to Vancouver Island this time out here though. There's just not enough time. My notebook has been trudging along out here ok, but the last four days or so, I have really put it through the paces. I really don't have enough RAM for what I am trying to accomplish. When you sre running six or seven different applications, and whatnot, 256 megs just does not cut the mustard. Other than that though, this computer handles the work out I give it fairly well. I think I am going to hit the sack soon though... My eyes are starting to involuntarily slam shut on me.