What a curse, eh? It is a deadly affliction that I believe affects nearly everyone at some point in their lives. I am torn by indecision constantly, whether it be to have a latté or regular coffee or to choose what I am going to spend my summer and following autumn doing. At some point here, I am just going to pick something and live with whatever it is. I did that with the U of A, and it hasn't turned out that bad. I can usually be fairly happy in whatever predicament I put myself in. Today's topic of indecision? I have to write my term paper for bioethics class this week before Friday. Except that, I really can't afford to be indecisive here. Luckily, though this will be rather difficult, it should be nothing like my term paper for semiotics last term. That was absolutely brutal, and I am going to make this my masterpiece. The thesis as it stands is something like what the church has to say about the issue of cloning in the political sphere. It is not likely to change either, given that I have very little time to prepare this. I fully blame myself for these circumstances. I spent a good chunk of the weekend wasting the hours away. I did have a lot of fun though. I helped out Amie with her trip to Nicaragua by helping out with a pancake breakfast this morning in church, and last night we had a karaoke party with my small group. That was certainly interesting. More later tonight, perhaps.