Lax Posting Habits


It is Silent Saturday today - a time of thinking and for the apostles, despair. A brief time of intermission in which people thought that eveything they lives for had suddenly vanished. I am sure the despondance was nearly palpable. On this day, I reflect. Though we now know what is to come, and so there can be joy. And so I am actively preparing for what occurs on Easter Sunday -- I haver to run to the grocery store to pick up some ham, etc. I am been far from productive all weekend, but I figure I am not yet halfway through it, so there is time sufficient to redeem myself. I have a lot of stuff I have to get through, including for sale signs for some of my stuff. I have to figure out what I am doing with my fridge - most likely going my cousin, and what I am going to do with my monitor - selling it to a guy on my floor? We'll see. It's a somewhat thorny issue. I am loathe to give it up before I have to move out, but that may not be an option. In any case, Jars of Clay's new album is out, as well as Kutless' Strong Tower.